Crystal Water Bottles

 Itroducing Crystal Elixir Water Bottles is a lifestyle brand with a twist. We are dedicated to curating a range of products that will have a positive affect on people. Our unique range of water bottles and crystal highball glasses use crystal energy to encourage users to focus on positive intentions, increase positive self talk & make the perfect, meaningful gift.
 Bottles: crystal water uses the vibrational frequencies and the energy of crystals, powered by your intentions, to promote positivity. Charging your crystals with positive intentions improves your flow and focus on your goals.
Drinking water from our glass crystal water bottle acts as a constant reminder of your positive intentions and encourages you to drink more water to enhance hydration.
Crystal Highball: We have designed a highball glass with tumbled Clear & Rose Quartz crystal secured in an air lock at the base of the glass. The first of their kind on the market. The quartz crystals do not come in contact with the liquid in the glass, creating endless opportunities. Fill with your favourite cocktail, fruit infused water, ice tea or drink of choice. Gift Boxed pair of highball glasses with crystal meaning and cocktail recipe inside the lid, beautifully secured closed with ribbon.
Even if you don't understand the energy, when you look at your crystal bottle  you feel positive, it is having the desired effect.