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Aura Soma

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Aura Soma is an exciting colour system. It helps you access the knowledge of colour that has been with us from the beginning of time. Once you reawaken this information you can then by applying the living energies of nature restore your wellbeing and realise your true potential.

If you are searching for Aura Soma products  Eternal Crystals is your leading supplier.

These holistic healing product can offer you opportunities that you never believed possible. It can dramatically change your life!

Just as the Sun rises and brings colour warmth and light to the world, so too can the colours of Aura Soma. It lights the way on your pathway to self-discovery.

The jewels in the Aura Soma system are the Equilibrium bottles. A magic combination of vibrant colours, blended with the living energies of herbs, essential oils, gems and crystals. By simply making a selection Equilibrium bottles from the brilliant range of over 118 coloured bottles, you are handed the key that opens the door to self-discovery.  With care and support, they guide you to become consciously aware of your potential and issues from your inner self. Your strengths, talents, unique gifts, worries or health concerns can all be accessed. Then by applying the living energies of your selected bottle to the appropriate energy centres, you have the opportunity to Restore energy, bring Balance to the emotional, mental and spiritual levels and move along the pathway of self-discovery towards wellbeing.

Aura Soma products,

"Complement your daily Life experiences with the help of nature's powerful energies, the colours of Aura Soma.  


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Aura Soma - Inner Alchemy Set & Equilibrium Bottles

The Inner Alchemy Bottles facilitate deep rooted change in ourselves. It is an oportunity to face our shadows.

In 1999, within the Equilibrium bottle range this new set evolved to support you when you want to work at a soul level on intensive inner development.
This series of Equilibrium bottles offers you the opportunity to begin with yourself, within, to allow the shadow that so loves you to bring the possibility of change into your everyday consciousness.
The light is on your shadow to begin the process of self-acceptance. These bottles encourage authentic love, acceptance and integration of yourself - free of the past.


Please note that these bottles might not be as clear as other Equilibrium bottles.

Aura-Soma system. The bottles contain the living energies of herbs, essential oils, gems, and crystals that are specially color-coded bring harmony and balance to our aura and energy centers. Please note we can order any particular Aura Soma bottle we may have not advertise email us we are happy to assist you!

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Aura Soma ArchAngeloi Essences

The Archangeloi correspond to the Archangels a higher level of angelic mediators between the human and the divine. Introducing the Archangeloi into the energy field can help to activate light seeds in the aura to aid connection to and expression of your ongoing soul-purpose and highest possibility for this life.

They also help to focus your intension and better recognise your accomplishments during times of change.Bringing you closer to self-understanding, they support the greater potential of an individual group or community. 

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Aura Soma Pocket Rescues

The Pocket Rescues are 9 bottles selected from the Equilibrium Set of over 100 bottles. The colour combinations in these bottles are applicable to our major energy centre or the chakras.

These 9 Equilibrium bottles have been put into the 25 ml plastic bottles for ease of use and carrying. They are also unique in the fact that you can use them for more than one person, unlike the glass Equilibrium bottles where a bottle is dedicated to one person. The Plastic Pocket Rescues can be used on multiple clients, friends and family as needed.

How to Select a Rescue bottle 

1. Choose your own favourite Rescue Bottle colour - Let you intuition draw you and/or read the colour/information notes about each Rescue Bottle.

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Aura Soma Pomanders

The name Pomander was given as a formal name being the method of emitting Sacred Vapours.

AURA-SOMA® Pomanders were conceived to give protection to the aura, acting specifically on the electromagnetic field that closely surrounds the physical body. They also act to strengthen the energetic field. The auric body, like the physical, can become damaged for numerous reasons. The application of a Pomander around the energetic field may repair those areas that are damaged. The regular application of a Pomander acts as protection against vibrations that might be of harm. Kirlian photography has shown this effect as a bar around the aura that lasts for up to several hours after application of the chosen Pomander.

AURA-SOMA® Pomanders are available in 15 different fragrance combinations and colours. They contain extracts from plants and herbs in an alcoholic solution. Three drops on the palm of your left hand, rubbed together with your right hand and passed through and around your aura, are sufficient to surround you with a delicate web which may help to give you refreshment. Finish by deeply inhaling the fragrance from between your hands.


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